Students Need These Skills

Technology is transforming the learning process for students. It’s helping them become engaged learners and creative problem solvers. With today’s technology, students can learn at their own pace and become effective collaborators. Until now, it has been difficult and expensive to integrate technology curriculum into classes. As a result, many students are not prepared — they are left to figure out how to create a spreadsheet, database or slide presentation as projects are due in school or in their first months on the job.

Trajectory’s comprehensive and highly flexible curriculum makes it easy to give students the skills and confidence they need to be more successful. Your student’s projects travel with them from grade-to-grade as an online portfolio that gives them a competitive advantage at every level.

Our Approach is Unique

For years, textbook publishers have struggled to write technology curriculum to market to schools. The challenge of multiple software versions, complex skills sets, and software updates made the task very challenging. Trajectory’s approach overcomes these challenges in two ways:

Cluster and spiral: Our units address related technology skills in a cluster, allowing students to quickly gain age-appropriate mastery of applications. The clusters are arranged in a spiraling pattern year-to-year, so students return to these skills sets to both reinforce and build additional proficiency.

Dedicated curriculum: Because Trajectory is solely a technology curriculum company, we appreciate the unique challenges of writing to office suite applications. Our production timeline, support materials, and approach to curriculum mapping are specially designed to meet the needs of technology teachers and students.

Mapped Curriculum for Each Grade Level

How do you effectively task your staff to develop technology lesson plans that create a comprehensive learning map for your students as they move from grade to grade? With Trajectory, all this work is done for you and every student in your school in on the same technology skills highway. This gives all your students the same level of comprehensive instruction and frees your teachers to do what they do best – teach!

Affordable Investment

Best of all, our two decades of experience allows us to provide this program to you at an extremely affordable price. Trajectory is the best investment you can make in your current Technology initiative.