Thank you for your interest in Trajectory by Global Academics.

Most administrators agree that providing their students with strong technology skills is a real challenge. Developing a program with technology objectives, a published curriculum, classroom content integration, and faculty training is often a desired, but nearly impossible objective. Global Academics has been supplying schools with the most comprehensive and innovative technology resources for over 24 years. Trajectory has been used by hundreds of schools, with many using these resources for over a decade. Trajectory is the only program that allows schools to choose any combination of integrated lessons featuring Microsoft Office and Google G Suite for Education. Trajectory builds technology skills from year to year that meet or exceed all current academic standards for students and teachers. Every year your school is working with new units so your students’ skills are always current with new technology. Here are just some of the features of Trajectory that can enhance your curriculum next school year!

All Grades, All Platforms

Trajectory is the only technology program that allows schools to seamlessly integrate curriculum units in Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, 2016 and 365 Office versions) and Google G Suite for Education.

Flexible Delivery

Students can complete their Trajectory unit projects using PC’s or laptops. Trajectory provides a convenient and comprehensive program to expose students to multiple platforms and allows teachers to assign project work in the classroom, computer lab and as homework assignments. Projects are designed to be virtually identical across both Microsoft and Google platforms.

Student-Led Option

All lessons are written to a student-led format. This allows your older students to work at their own pace using self-guided, printed lesson material while still allowing for a teacher-led model for younger grades. Instructions have been consolidated to facilitate printing and distribution.

Platformed Design

Grade 1-8 units are written in cluster form. You select a lesson from thee clusters: Primary (recommended grades 1-3), Elementary (recommended grades 3-5) or Middle (recommended grades 6-8). Within the lesson, you can select additional advanced skills depending on the class you are instructing. Options within the lesson plan, as well as different integrated content will give you the flexibility to differentiate between grades. This format also encourages the student-led delivery model as the students themselves can decide which additional skills will enhance their projects. Clusters are developed and arranged in a spiraling pattern year-to-year, so you can track your students’ skill development as they proceed grade to grade. Your student’s projects travel with them as an online portfolio that gives them a competitive advantage at every level.

Teacher Support

The Teacher Support Center gives teachers access to support materials including electronic handouts, templates and samples for each curriculum unit. Teachers are also provided with topic summary sheets and integration forms to effectively integrate technology with academic content from the classroom with skill and confidence.  We provide thorough orientation, training and customer support via phone, Zoom and email throughout the year.

Online Student Resources

Trajectory Connect supports student work at every level with a comprehensive array of resources including: online libraries, academic websites, images libraries, video clips and sound files, useful conversion calculators, online applications and other great tech tools. As you can see, the Trajectory Program can provide your school with the resources to develop a comprehensive and successful technology curriculum for your students and teachers. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our School Program Directors will assist you with any questions you may have.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you!