March is Women’s History Month!

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March is Women’s History Month, and the Internet is a great resource for all teachers searching for excellent ways to spotlight the achievements of notable women as part of Women’s History Month (although hopefully women’s history is being integrated into classrooms every day, no matter what the month!). Below are some great resources for general education teachers:

Technology teachers may want to take the opportunity to spotlight the contributions of women to the Sciences, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM) fields. Women and girls tend to be underrepresented in these fields, a trend that many are working to reverse. Teachers may want to spotlight women who have made great contributions to technology, such as those listed in “The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History,” an article published to MaximumPC (available here). The article may be best suited to high schoolers, but would be a great resource for teachers of younger students. Another excellent way to honor women’s contribution to technology is to encourage girls to follow in their footsteps. Shows like SciGirls (PBS, ages 8-12, available here) help to encourage younger girls to become involved with (or maintain their interest in) STEM fields. Sites like Tech-Girls offer excellent resources and activities for students, parents, and teachers.

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