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  • 1. What is Trajectory?

    Trajectory is a technology curriculum program designed to target key suite skills. These are the skills that allow students to master word processing, spreadsheet, multimedia, and desktop publishing. Trajectory also offers supplemental curriculums featuring Life Skills, Coding, Interactive Web and Cyber Ethics. Trajectory is a comprehensive program of hands-on lesson plans that use real-life projects to develop the skills students will need in high school, college, and career.

  • 2. What are the benefits of teaching business technology skills?

    Research shows that technology instruction is motivating to students and promotes engagement in the classroom. Teaching office suite skills allows students to make use of technology as readers, writers, presenters, and collaborators. The ability to create tangible, real world evidence of their knowledge is reflective of how students today will be utilizing technology in their academic and professional lives. Trajectory offers a means to teach these vital skills.

  • 3. What do we need to implement the Trajectory program?

    Your schools’ needs will vary depending upon which of the curriculum versions you choose.

    For Microsoft Office curriculum, your school will need:

    • Desktops or laptop PCs with a version Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, 2016, or 365) installed.
    • A strategy for sharing and saving files, to allow teachers to share templates and students to save and share ongoing and completed work.

    For Google G Suite for Education curriculum, your school will need:

    • Desktops or laptops with an internet connection (preferably high-speed broadband),
    • Google G Suite for Education accounts for students and teachers using the curriculum (more information available at www.google.com/edu/).
  • 4. What is included when we buy Trajectory?

    Your purchase includes:

    • Four comprehensive curriculum units each year for grades 1-8.
    • All support materials (templates, samples, and handouts) needed to implement the program.
    • Access to Trajectory’s Kindergarten curriculum as well Trajectory Supplemental Curriculum units: Life Skills, Coding, Interactive Web, Cyber Ethics.
    • Access to our comprehensive library of online resource and research sites, Trajectory Connect. This site allows teachers and students to make use of a wide range of educational resources in a controlled environment.
    • Teachers in the program have online access to the Trajectory Support, where they can download all the support materials required for the Trajectory curriculum.
    • The ability of teachers to earn Continuing Education Units (EUs) through ACSI and AACS each year upon completion of Trajectory’s four core curriculum units.

    Your school has the option of using any and all of the curriculum versions offered for no additional charge. This means you can make use of the Microsoft Office and/or Google G Suite for Education in any combination that best suits your students and school.

  • 5. How do we set up the necessary software?

    The process of setting up the needed software will vary depending upon your chosen curriculum version.

    • For Microsoft Office, your school will need to purchase and install a version of Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, 2016, or 365) on each of the computers that will be used by Trajectory students.
    • For Google curriculum, your school will need to enroll in Google G Suite for Education. There is an approval and set-up process that will require the attention of a staff member to fully implement. More information can be found at google.com/edu/.
  • 6. I see that Trajectory emphasizes integration. How is this accomplished?

    Trajectory believes that the mastery of technology applications is best accomplished when integrated with subject matter relevant to students’ current study.

    Our curriculum is designed using a sample topic, which in most cases, can easily be replaced with a current unit of study in your classrooms. Students can write a paper for English, build a multimedia presentation for science, or create a brochure for history. In this manner, technology integration is seamless for every class – as no other program can offer.

  • 7. What level of support does Trajectory provide?

    Throughout the school year, our coordinators are available to help make teaching technology as easy as possible.With just an e-mail, text or phone call, teachers and administrators can get more information about how to effectively implement the curriculum to best meet the needs of students.

    As you review the projects before each quarter, feel free to call or email us with any questions about teaching the skills, classroom management, support materials, etc. Becket Franklin: (804) 380-6953, bfranklin@globalacademics.com; Jennifer Edwards: (703) 599-9443, jedwards@globalacademics.com.

    We also strongly urge new schools or teachers new to our program to set up orientation support calls with our coordinators before the school year starts. (See below.)

  • 8. I’ve never taught technology class before. What suggestions do you have for preparation?
    Our curriculum is written for any skill level of teacher and student. Once you have received the printed teacher lesson plans and downloaded our electronic support files, review each lesson plan. Consider where you will store our files as well as student work. Discuss with the regular education teachers possible integrated topics for grades 3-8.

    From our website you will be able to access a digital copy of the Implementation Manual, your guide for making the most out of all that Trajectory has to offer.

    The most successful school technology programs begin with an orientation support call with one of our technology coordinators before classes start. During the one hour call we will review the skills of first project, discuss classroom management strategies, and other orientation information. Call or email us to set up an appointment at your convenience.

    Becket Franklin: (804) 380-6953.