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Age-appropriate projects

Trajectory Connect

Trajectory Connect supports student work at every level with a comprehensive array of resources including:

  • Online research libraries and encyclopedias
  • Collections of the best academic websites
  • Image libraries, video clips and sound files
  • Citation resource and useful conversion calculators
  • Online applications and other great tech tools
Trajectory Support

Trajectory Support is your teachers’ one stop to download all of the files you will need to successfully implement the Trajectory Program:

  • Full color samples of each unit project at each level
  • Templates for each unit project that can be customized at the teacher’s discretion in order to reinforce content introduced in other academic areas
  • Handouts and research guides to support students in planning, researching and completing unit projects
  • Parent letters for each unit at each level to facilitate communication between school and home
  • Implementation manuals to help teachers and administrators effectively institute the Trajectory program

Trajectory — the road to success

Our curriculum teaches students the skills they need to work effectively in the most widely-used office applications. Trajectory's student-centered solution helps schools meet or exceed current state and national technology standards.

The road to success

Project-based curriculum — for any educational setting

Great for classrooms, computer labs, homework, and independent study.

Allow students to work at their own pace using self-guided lesson materials or use the curriculum in a teacher-led model.

Integrate course content from other academic areas to reinforce learning.

Includes comprehensive online resources — access a variety of research materials, tech tools, and citation guides through exclusive access to Trajectory Connect.

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  • Multi-year curriculum covers:
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Multimedia Presentations
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Cyber Ethics
    • Life Skills
    • Interactive Web
    • Coding


    Move from PC to Mac, from desktop to tablet.
    Convenient and easy to expose students to multiple platforms.
    Completed work can be compiled to create a comprehensive online portfolio.


    Our all-in-one curriculum includes everything your students and teachers will need to implement a robust technology program.
    Our lessons are written to allow for both teacher-led and student-led models of instruction.

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    * We provide all project files, but users will need access to one or more platforms: Microsoft Office must be purchased, Google Drive is free with a Google account.

Curriculum samples across multiple devices