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All ages, all platforms — one great price

Less than the cost of a text book

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Trajectory — the road to success

Our curriculum teaches students the skills they need to work effectively in the most widely-used office applications. Trajectory's student-centered solution helps schools meet or exceed current state and national technology standards.

The road to success

Project-based curriculum — for any educational setting

Great for classrooms, computer labs, homework, and independent study.

Allow students to work at their own pace using self-guided lesson materials or use the curriculum in a teacher-led model.

Integrate course content from other academic areas to reinforce learning.

Includes comprehensive online resources — access a variety of research materials, tech tools, and citation guides through exclusive access to Trajectory Connect.

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  • Multi-year curriculum covers:
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Multimedia Presentations
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Cyber Ethics
    • Life Skills
    • Interactive Web
    • Coding


    Move from PC to Mac, from desktop to tablet.
    Convenient and easy to expose students to multiple platforms.
    Completed work can be compiled to create a comprehensive online portfolio.


    Our all-in-one curriculum includes everything your students and teachers will need to implement a robust technology program.
    Our lessons are written to allow for both teacher-led and student-led models of instruction.

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    * We provide all project files, but users will need access to one or more platforms: Microsoft Office must be purchased, Google Drive is free with a Google account.

Curriculum samples across multiple devices